stephkneek (stephkneek) wrote,

I feel so Blah.

This weekend is going to be the best in a long time. I am going to get to see Laura, Rob, Becca, and hopefully Melanie (need to call...).
Friday night Laura, guest, Rob, and Becca are coming to check out the townhouse. After that we are going to Raleigh and Brad is getting his new tattoo. Which means I also get to see Scott (artist/adopted big brother, not ex). Saturday morning I am hopefully going to be attending Bug Fest with the same friends as the night before, but it all depends on how late we stay out Friday night because Saturday night I have company coming to my parents house.
I'm super excited about that too, because this will be the first time Stacey gets to meet Brad. First off, Stacey is pretty much a permanant fixture in my life no matter what. I've known him for 6 years now, and we always keep up. I know too much about him and he knows too much about me. He is one of very few people that knew me "Pre-Scott", and that makes me happy.
So anyways, good weekend coming up, I wish it wasn't just Wednesday though...I feel blah and I need a good day/good night really soon to get me out of this mood.
I will say though that the 2 situations I addressed in my post the other day? Both have been resolved and are on their way back up. :) PTL.
I wish surviving life didn't take so much work, it takes up the things in my life that I want to be a priority and puts them on the back burner. There is something to simple living, I just haven't found a balance. Life always feels like such a rat-race, and for what? Brad, friends, family...those are what make me happy and feel complete. How come I can't revolve my world around those instead?
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