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July 25th, 2015


This journal is set up mostly for Friends Only. That means that if you aren't on my friends list, you can not read most of what I write. I am, however, in the process of changing over to partially public....so stay tuned.
If you ran across my LJ, please stop and say hello! Any questions? Don't hesitate to comment and ask. I also write a blog, comment if you're interested in the link.

I am Understood?Collapse )

More often then not I can find a song that identifies with my life at that particular time. I'll change the featured song once it's no longer relevant.
Over Thinking, RelientK(9/20/07)Collapse )
Oh! Emetophobia, Showbread (10/01/07)Collapse )
Nothing fits (10-12-07)Collapse )
Don't Give Up, Sanctus Real (10/25/07)Collapse )
Age of Reptiles, Showbread (11/02/07)Collapse )
I trust You, Skillet (12/26/07)Collapse )
Possibilities, Sanctus Real (1-01-08)Collapse )
Something Beautiful, Newsboys (03/19/08)Collapse )
Over My Head, Brian Littrell (6/17/08)Collapse )
Put Your Arms Around Me, Natasha Bedingfield (7/2/08)Collapse )